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Etiquette Saveniières

Savennières - Clos la Royauté

Clear yellow with green reflections, perfumed discreetly with light menthol and vanilla accents evoking fennel, this wine’s first impact on the palate is frank and very direct.
The austere nature particular to the region’s schist vineyards is found here enveloped in a silk scarf, giving it a touch of refined elegance.  The Chenin’s natural acidity is present just enough to suggest a final touch of slightly crystallized lemons.  The ensemble is harmonious, rich without being heavy, and the solid structure of this bottle allows it to be a perfect accompaniment to crabs or lobsters served in generously spiced sauces. Its complexity, expressed with finesse and discretion, permits it to dialogue just as admirably with the subtle, delicate flesh of oysters.
Drink this wine now for its fresh quality, or from now until 2010 to fully appreciate the blooming of aromas within its jewel-case.

Etiquette Anjou Rouge

Anjou rouge 1999

Dressed in a sombre robe, perfumed with red fruits, this wine confronts the mouth in a suave harmonious manner.  It is sufficiently structured to affirm a frankly jovial personality, yet its finale presents an image discreet and full of charm.
Drink it now.  And, indeed, drink it again!

Etiquette Anjou Villages

Anjou Villages 1988

Of a dark ruby hue, with a complex perfume evoking at times the black currant, this wine brings to the palate an assembly of candid savours.  A bit direct but without aggression,
caressing without affectation, it calls to mind a navarin of lamb, a mironton of beef and all the recipes of my grandfather. The finale is persistent and harmonious, and remains marked by the fruity notes of the debut.


Anjou Villages 1997

Sombrely dressed, exuding fruits black as the mulberry, this wine presents the palate with an  impression of extraordinary volume.  As is often the case when it is picked just at the right moment of maturity, in a perfect year, this Cabarnet franc drapes itself in a velvet mantel.
Complex structure, concentration of fruits, liquorice…the variety of impressions seems endless.  The finale is silkily persistent, almost unctuous, prolonging the rare sensations which only the magic of Cabarnet can convey.
Drink this fine beverage right through 2010 (counting, nevertheless, a few pauses!).


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