Clos la Royauté



Clos la RoyautéSituated on the right bank of the Loire river, the vineyard of Savennières is nearly at the gates of the city of Angers.  A bit over 100 hectares are presently exploited. 
Le Clos la Royauté, neighboring the park of the Château de la Bizolière and covering just  over 5 hectares, is planted exclusively with white Chenin.  Depending on the year’s climate, this grafted variety of the Loire Valley manifests itself as a solidly-constructed dry white wine proudly bearing the mark of its highly expressive soil, or else as a bright and elegant medium dry wine, or even as a complex, ample liquor-like brew.
Brown schists and Aeolian sands make up the soil of this jewel of the vintage.  The soil is grass-planted and the vines guided in order to obtain a limited production, token of a full maturity and a natural balance.  The grapes are harvested completely by hand over a period of several weeks, with only completely matured fruits being gathered at each passage.
A pellicular maceration of 6 to 8 hours is followed by a very slow pressing of the grapes.  After a fermentation at low temperature, the musts are aged in casks for approximately 5 months.   Bottled before summer, these wines reunite the freshness and vivacity which characterize the soil of their origin.

Some figures and technical data.Bouteille Savennières

    Area : 3,5 hectares
    Soil : schists and Aeolian sands
    Vines : 100% white Chenin
    Age of vines: 16 years
    Density of plantation : 5000 plants to a hectare
    Agricultural method : grass-planting and soil-working
    Pruning : short double Guyot
    Green harvesting and thinning

    Vintaging : by hand, in several sortings (October and November)
    Yield : 30 hl/ha
    Grape processing : slow pressing (pneumatic) and selection of musts
    Fermentation : slow in barrels at low temperature (16-18° C)
    Yeasting : no
    Malo-lactic fermentation : no

    Clos la Royauté is fermented and aged in oak barrels (20% new) with weekly stirring up of the lees
    Racking and filtration before bottling in germ-free containers
    Conservation 10/15 years

Pascal LaffourcadeHarmony of wines and foods : oysters, seafood, grilled fish or fish with sauce, sea-perch or bass with fennel, sandre au beurre blanc, white meats, poultry, pork, veal (sweetbreads), asparagus, artichokes, Brussels sprouts


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